Admission is based upon the prospective student (whom must be beyond the age of compulsory education-16 years of age in North Carolina) completing an enrollment application either on the school’s website ( or at the school campus. The Admissions Representative will set up an appointment with the prospective student within 24 hours. The student will be required to bring in the following documentation:

All students must provide the school with an official copy of their High School Diploma or GED, Photo ID, and Social Security Card when registering for class. Online High School Diplomas are not accepted. There are no exceptions to this rule.

After all documentation has been received and declared accurate by the Admissions Representative the student’s status is “Enrolled”. All prospective students are required to have a personal interview with the Admissions Representative where the student is informed about school hours, cost of tuition, attendance, grade requirements, meeting of satisfactory progress, and other information about the school. All information must be turned into the school one week prior to class start dates.