Program Overview and Objectives
CosmetologyFayetteville Beauty College offers a 1500-hour Cosmetology program created to prepare students for the State Licensing Examination and future employment. Program outlines and daily lesson plans ensure that all subjects are taught in the correct sequence with a proper balance devoted to theory and practical instruction. Programs are designed to help students develop desirable work habits, attitudes, safety practices and awareness of their professional responsibilities. In order to provide students with a working knowledge of current cosmetology practices, each program will be periodically evaluated and revised so that new techniques, practices and products can be incorporated into the curriculum.

Program Description
The 1500-hour curriculum consists of training in such topics as haircutting, styling, perming, straightening, coloring, lightening, scalp treatments and manicuring. The primary purpose of the program is to train students in both theory and practical skills, preparing them for licensure and future employment. The program also provides job placement services and information regarding the laws and regulations governing salon operations. The Cosmetology program is particularly directed towards helping the student develop desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation and safety.

Program Goals
Students will be educated in both theory and practical skills, enabling them to:
Successfully pass the state board examination
Work in a professional hairstyling salon as a licensed cosmetologist.
Perform in cosmetology related occupations.
Develop effective communication skills as well as an awareness of their professional responsibilities to both the clients and employer/employee relationships.

Program Format (Instructional Techniques and Methods)
-Program outlines and lesson plans
-Practical demonstrations
-Audio-visual materials
-Mannequin and live model practical and clinic workshops
-Written and practical evaluations

-Evaluation Procedures:
-Testing in both theory, practical, and clinic areas
-Examinations after each unit of the program
-Monthly practical/clinic workshops
-State Board class
-Final examination

Extra Curricular Activities
In addition to regular classes, Fayetteville Beauty College often brings in guest lecturers, exposing students to a wide variety of knowledge and experience. Students are encouraged to attend the many local hair shows in order to gain fresh perspective.

Required Level of Achievement
All students are required to maintain at least a 70% grade point average (GPA) in theory, practical and clinical subjects. In addition, students much score a minimum grade of 75% on the final written examination in order to receive a diploma.